Fame Makes You Arrogant, But I Learned Thankfulness, Atif Aslam

Famous singer Atif Aslam says that he saw fame at a young age, and fame makes a person arrogant, but he learned to be thankful.

Fame Makes You Arrogant, But I Learned Thankfulness, Atif Aslam
Atif Aslam

Atif Aslam, who started his career with the song Aadat, told Canadian-born Arab anchor Anas Bakhsh that he first sang at 17 and became famous at 20.

According to Atif Aslam, with fame, power, and wealth, man becomes arrogant and starts considering others as insignificant, but he learned gratitude and love from fame.

According to him, people who do wrong after gaining fame, power, and wealth cannot face themselves in the mirror.

Atif Aslam said that initially, he wanted to be a cricketer, and he was also a good player, but then he changed his mind, and for a few years, he could not decide what to do.


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The singer said that once he heard the legendary singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan singing with another singer, he changed his mind and decided to be a singer.

According to the singer, when he was 14 years old, he started singing at his home and playing the guitar brought by his elder brother, and then slowly, he began composing and writing songs.

The singer said that he had made his first song, Aadat, with his own money, and he had recorded the song with the money he received for college expenses.

After making the song's audio, the singer said that he posted it on the internet and chat rooms, which went viral despite the lack of social media, and people started asking to see his face.

He said that after the audio of Aadat went viral, he saved money and made a video of the song, and his first song made him famous.

Recalling his college days, Atif Aslam said that he was also attractive in college, and all the girls used to come and sit with him and discussed their boyfriends.

The singer said that the boys used to get angry with the girls when they approached him.

Recalling the past, the singer said that he did not have a car or enough money to invite a girl to dinner in college, but he would listen to them and give them advice.


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Recalling the bitterest incident of his life, he said that a few years ago, when he went to a music concert in Turkey and half an hour before his performance, his wife called and informed him that our baby's heart is not beating.

According to the singer, after his wife's phone call, he went on stage and performed for two and a half hours, and the people in the concert kept swinging, but he kept thinking how helpless mankind is?

The singer said that he could not forget the joy he got from giving 'Azaan' in his son Abdul Ahad's ear.


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He praised his eldest son Abdul Ahad and said that he is just like him. When he prays, he also comes to him and starts praying.

He said about the other son that he is a bit sharp and he fights for everything.

In the interview, Atif Aslam thanked God for giving him fame, wealth, and power at an early age and said that he gets the most happiness and peace when someone sends him a message that someone is sick but listens to his songs to express emotions. 


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