Family Guy: American Sitcom Opens Season 19 With A Pakistan Super League Joke

Karachi Kings And Lahore Qalandars Go International!

Family Guy: American Sitcom Opens Season 19 With A Pakistan Super League Joke
Family Guy

Family Guy is one of the most popular animated sitcom series in the world. The long-standing series has eighteen wonderful seasons to its name and the season 19 premiere did not disappoint as it referenced the intense rivalry between Karachi Kings and Lahore Qalandars from the Pakistan Super League.

Shows like Family Guy and The Simpsons have a history of referencing to events happening worldwide but this came as quite a surprise to cricket fans in Pakistan.

During the opening scene of Family Guy's 19th season's first episode called Stewie's First Word, the Pakistan Super League is mentioned.

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The episode starts with Peter and the gang at the Clam, the neighborhood bar wherein Quagmire expresses his frustration with the influx of foreign sports fans crowding the place every Saturday morning.

"On Saturday mornings, it's just weird foreign sports fans, like those Pakistani cricket hooligans," Griffin's friend, Glenn Quagmire, remarks.

He points at two Pakistanis, who turn out to be Lahore Qalandars supporters. Joe turns out to be a Karachi Kings fan. However, he is shown to quickly cover his t-shirt commenting:

"I am rooting for Karachi but I don't have a death wish about it."

"If you're not rooting for Lahore, please you may leave I can tell you," one of the two Pakistanis, sporting a light mustache, says in a thick accent. 

While a lot of people appreciated the joke and had a field day with it on social media, many pointed out the Indian accents used by the show to portray Pakistanis and lambasted them for this apparent blunder.

Family Guy features the Griffin family, comprising of parents Peter and Lois; their children, Meg, Chris, and Stewie; and their anthropomorphic pet dog, Brian. Set in the fictional city of Quahog, Rhode Island, the show is widely watched for its dark humor and portrayal of American culture. 

The series has more than 350 episodes to its name. 

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