Fans Are Going Gaga Over Riz Ahmed's Loving Gesture

What exactly happened that we can not stop thinking about.

Fans Are Going Gaga Over Riz Ahmed's Loving Gesture
Fans Are Going Gaga Over Riz Ahmed's Loving Gesture

Riz Ahmed stole the show and many hearts during the world's most anticipated award function in the entertainment industry, the Oscars. 
Riz Ahmed, a British- Pakistani actor who is also Primetime Emmy award winner, made a stellar entry at the Oscars with his wife, Fatima Farheen Mirza. Riz was nominated for his outstanding performance in Sound of Metal. Currently, he's under the headlines for stealing the spotlight by lovingly fixing his wife's hair. Sounds normal, but we want what they have!

The Muslim Couple Is Also A Style Inspiration:

Mrs Riz looked like a new Cinderella in the ladylike pastel blue outfit that gracefully flaunts class, and Mr Riz Ahmed himself looked dashing in an all-black Prada outfit. The couple complemented each other while they managed to establish significant couple goals. 

 Muslim Couple

The Story Gets Better From Here:

People could simply not stop talking about how between the most glorified event of the year, he paused at the red carpet, turned towards his gorgeous wife standing right next to him, held his fingers up and moved her elegant strands on her shoulder. The gesture shows the care and love they both share in their young marriage. While Riz paused the whole red carpet, under the attention of everyone, while fixing her hair, jokingly said, "I'm the official groomer" well. Riz, for today you indeed are. It looked like the sweet couple is posing for a Polaroid picture at home, but it was the Oscars, and everyone was watching, however he just didn't care, all he wanted was his wife to look the best, and he made sure she does. 

The Story Gets Better From Here

Soon twitter noticed the special moment, and people are fangirling this new favourite couple in town.


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