Fans Welcome Anwar Maqsood As He Joins Twitter

The legend posts a video on his newly-made account

Fans Welcome Anwar Maqsood As He Joins Twitter
Fans Welcome Anwar Maqsood As He Joins Twitter

Pakistani scriptwriter, humorist and actor Anwar Maqsood recently joins the microblogging site Twitter.

Renowned writer Anwar Maqsood who is known for his polished writing skills shares a video clip as his first tweet. He said, “This is my official account. I request you to report all other accounts that are impersonating me. Thank you.”

Soon after posting the video on his actual account, it circulated on all other fake accounts as well which made it unclear and difficult to identify which one is the real.

After all this, the legend posted another video in which he specified his username of the actual account and quashed all the fake ones.

He said in the other video, “Twitter per mera account hai AnwarMaqsood01 ke naam se, baaki jo accounts hain wo saray fake hain. Tou agar ap mujhse mohabbat kartay hain, unko report karen. (I’m on Twitter with the username AnwarMaqsood01. The remaining accounts with my name are fake. So if you love me, please report those accounts).”

The reason behind joining Twitter was to debunked all those false statement propaganda against PTI.  Mr. Maqsood clarified in an unearthed video posted by a user and said, “My name is Anwar Maqsood and many people are releasing political statements using my name on Twitter, even today someone tweeted about Imran Khan. However, I neither have a laptop, nor a Facebook account and I have this old phone that I carry everywhere.”

“I don’t even know how to type a message properly, so I would like to apologise to all the bigwigs whose sentiments are being hurt by these tweets, I have nothing to do with them,” he continued.

Undoubtedly, Anwar Maqsood is a living legend of Pakistan cinema industry who has given many hits like ‘Loose Talk’ and ‘Fifty Fifty.’