Fardeen Khan Explained The Reason For Losing Weight

Physical health also affects mental health, says Fardeen Khan

Fardeen Khan Explained The Reason For Losing Weight
Fardeen Khan

Actor Fardeen Khan, who has given many successful films to Bollywood, was removed from the film world due to obesity, after which he lost weight with hard work and became quite fit.

When the actor was asked what motivated him the most to lose weight and get fit, he said that my children have a significant role in losing weight.

Fardeen Khan and suzanne

Fardeen Khan said that physical health also affects mental health. During obesity, his children used to talk a lot about health. Besides, along with raising children, the good health of parents is also essential. He added that his daughter loves skating while the son loves running in the park.

Fardeen Khan Kids

As a father, I want to go out with the kids or tell them about the games I used to play, which made me think about the benefits of losing weight, including staying fit. I'm glad I tried and did, and my wife Natasha helped me a lot.

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