Faysal Quraishi’s Apologetic Explanation On The Outbreak Of Viral Video

The video of Fayssl Quraishi schooling TikTokers has been eyed by everyone on social media, here’s what happened on the set.

Faysal Quraishi’s Apologetic Explanation On The Outbreak Of Viral Video
Faysal Quraishi’s

Faysal Quraishi has been in the fame since early times of PTV. He has been loved and appreciated by his fans since years. His dramas are popular in public and he’s respected for his contributions to the Pakistani media industry. 

Taking few turns, Faysal started hosting shows as well and he started hosting a morning shows 10 years ago and currently he’s hosting a game show on Bol Entertainment know as Khush Raho Pakistan but lately things went far for Faysal when his video got viral while screaming at a girl in the live show. But the loving fans supported Faysal for calling out the TikToker for her wrong behaviour. 

Faysal Quraishi’s explanation over the whole scenario

Things are fine between host and the TikToker girl. 


There’s a recent update after the situation turned into a controversy , the TikToker girl Muskan cleared that everything is settled between her and “Fitoor” actor. The video came out where TikToker is admitting in the video she has no issues with senior actor. 

Moreover, Faysal video’s which looked like behind the scenes of the show went viral yesterday. He was scolding the TikTok contestants like a teacher where he said “There is no big deal if I scolded her, she is Muskan who was beating Usama and he is Usama who was being beaten by her, which is okay , he deserves it ( Faysal said on a lighter note) but these things should not happen in front of camera, see everything is fine now”.

Fans showed immense support for Faysal for not tolerating such behaviour, and some people also want the TikTokers show to stop going on air. 



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