Feroze Khan Gives A Hint To Join Politics: Says ‘InshaAllah’

Netizens went gaga over his wish!

Feroze Khan Gives A Hint To Join Politics: Says ‘InshaAllah’
Feroze Khan - imagine him as our political party leader!

Notable celebrity Feroze Khan expressed his wish to join politics in his recent tweet.

Feroze, 30, replied to a fan who tweeted and shared his thoughts that Feroz should join politics. The tweet said, “Wow..... If @ferozekhaan was to stand up for a political party..... I am so voting him for my entire life.”

Sending a reply to his tweet, the Khaani actor wrote, “InshaAllah.”

Soon after his reply, the netizens started pouring in best wishes and prayers for his new venture which might start one day! Here's a look at some of those tweets.

A user wrote, “All da besttt FK Allah apko kamiyabi ata farmaye.”

Another user tweeted, “More power to you.....May Allah fullfill all ur wishes.”

Netizens are determined to vote for their favorite actor, “Will vote for Feroze khan no doubt.”

Already, his fan base is voting for him, “So here's a vote from IOK.”

Here's another one, “Aek acha Political bana aaj se ye apka mission he so bina kisi pareshaani ke apny mission ko complete kren !! FEROZE MEANS SUCCESS feroze do cheezy apke saath hen apke is mission me aek succes or doosri humari wishes.”

More prayers from a user, “Best of luck.. I will always support you#Feroze”

A tweet said, “I'll vote for @ferozekhaan Obviously! Coz I am 100% sure that he can change things extremely well. “I really hope that my first vote would be for someone who really loves pakistan...the one who deserves this position... @ferozekhaan,” and added, “We are always with you.”

Amid all the prayers and wishes, a netizen asked a million dollar question from Feroze that whether he would prefer to form his own party or would he ratherjrather any existing party.

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The user asked, “If you stand in election which party will you choose or create your own party?”

Another user suggested him to join the present governing party, “Join PTI & help make a competent team. PTI is desperately in need of a better team.”

The Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hai actor has intimated his future plans and the public seems to be in his support but let's see which way the camel sits. 

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