Feroze Khan Is Planning To Switch His Career To Boxing

The actor’s statement about boxing received mixed reviews.

Feroze Khan Is Planning To Switch His Career To Boxing
Feroze Khan

As an actor, Feroze Khan is currently receiving praises due to the success of the drama “Khuda Aur Muhabbat 3”. 

This actor managed to maintain a niche for himself by working in back to back successful projects. 

But everyone’s favourite “Feroze Khan” is planning to switch careers, yes that’s right, the “Khaani” actor is planning to take a shift from acting career to professional boxing. Feroze Khan was talking about shifting his career from working to boxing in a recent interview. Feroze Khan also confirmed that he is on his way to start his boxing career by going to the USA and starting off his professional training. 

“Currently, I often see dreams of becoming a world champion in boxing; I know it’s not too easy but not impossible. I’m working hard, and I hope I make it true one day,” told Feroze Khan in the latest interview. 

The actor seems very serious to start his boxing training soon, as he further said “I don't see any competition here. I am planning to go for training in the US, UK, and Cuba. My aim is to fight against world boxers in the world. It will take more than a year to contest in my first fight,"  


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The “Ishqiya” actor has been contemplating to make his dream come true and start his fight as soon as he could.

Feroze Khan Faced Some Trolls After This Statement  

This is not the first time the actor is commenting on switching his career, previously Feroze Khan announced to leave the industry due to Islamic following but did not full fill the words and started working on new projects. He later expressed his opinion about coming back to industry. This time Netizens are not taking Feroze’s statement seriously. 



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