Feroze Khan Opens Up On Spirituality And Coming Back To Television

Getting Candid With Feroze Khan

Feroze Khan Opens Up On Spirituality And Coming Back To Television
Feroze Khan

The Khaani actor who had taken his leave from the media industry and had supposedly gone on the path of God, has come back right into business.

In an interview with something haute, Feroze opened up about how he had taken the decision of leaving the fraternity for himself earlier but his religious and spiritual “guru” had instructed him not to take that step.

“My Sheikh has ordered me that I can't quit showbiz," Feroze said, while on the topic of his comeback to the industry. He also mentioned how his Shiekh had insisted that he keep his place and uses it for whatever good he can accomplish.

Quoting a verse from the holy book, the shiekh had instructed Feroze that he (or the media) is the source of information for the masses and to quit a position like this will do more harm than good.

Feroze Khan

Feroze also spoke about how he is going through several other scripts at the moment and waiting to choose meaningful work in the future.

Feroze khan also seemed furious when his marriage and affair with Hania Amir was brought up, he told the audience that the journalists who had posted this news, had done it in a very bad taste and had no confirmation whatsoever about what happens on set or of the conversation between Hania and himself. He said, “It wouldn’t have taken me 30 seconds to post screenshots of our actual conversation but I didn’t want to get into that.”

Hania amir and feroze khan

However, he mentioned how fake news like such can not only hurt a person on their professional front but also personally, as actors are normal people too leading normal lives, with family, relatives and friends to answer to.

Feroze khan 1st wedding

He completely shunned down rumors of his split with wife and moved on to talking about his professional goals and dreams.

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