Few Reasons Why You Should Avoid Using Box Dye

Find out why salon colours are better and worth it.

Few Reasons Why You Should Avoid Using Box Dye
Few Reasons Why You Should Avoid Using Box Dye

Box dye is a go-to option, sometimes when you’re tight on cash, desperately want a change or just because others have done it. But the hair stylist truly despise box dyed hair. The box dye is easy and tempting to achieve a colour at home in less money but it’s never a good idea to opt. Below you will find all the reasons that will stop you from making the wrong decision. 

One Size Does Not Fit All 

Let's explain the whole thing logically. Box Color is not formulated for every hair type. It depends on the hair type, color history and condition of the hair. The box dye however is made up of the maximum amount of ammonia and pigment that’s why it works on most of the people. Hence, this is a wreck havoc for the health of your hair and in some conditions it will increase the likelihood of allergic reaction. In fact, getting any hair dye labelled as ammonia free does not guarantee healthier hair. 

Dimensions? Can not be achieved. 

Have said it before, will say it again.

Box Dye

Box dye contains one formula and applying it will just give a flat boring colour that turns out to be brassy at times. Unless, the hair you have are previously bleached or highlighted that can also end up in orange roots on red or pink highlights. That’s not the colour a person has been looking for. Stylists use the strategy to achieve an end results, right developers and right placement for fine results. 

A reasonable box dye will not be affordable after a higher cost of colour correction. 

Dye hair

Sure, box dye will be low cost however when the results are not achieved and when a person changes his mind then spending almost double the amount over a colour correction is a huge loss, think out of the box and your wallet will surely thank you. 

box dye


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