Find Out About Intermittent Fasting

Is It Really A New Hype In Weight Loss Criteria?

Find Out About Intermittent Fasting
Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is currently making rounds in the fitness world for the health benefits it brings you. What exactly is intermittent fasting? You may wonder, it is an eating pattern that includes fasting. It abstains a person from eating for specific hours. The rave about intermittent fasting started when people started claiming a faster weight loss, for about 7lbs in a week with a less risky eating pattern. 

What exactly you have to do: 


Intermittent fasting is more about when to take your meals than what exactly you have to intake. The cycle includes skipping breakfast, taking a healthy meal at noon, and the last meal should be taken at 8’o’clock. At first, it’s a bit challenging to control the craving, but from the review, we have seen people eventually get used to this routine and have more energy throughout the day. Do not miss your proper dose of hydration and make water your best friend in this habit.

Beneficial results of intermittent fasting: 

intermittent fasting 2

Once you start following a routine of taking your meals at a significant time, the body gets trained to store more energy to provide throughout the day: by cutting down meals, the calorie consumption is for sure in your control, leading to a healthier and faster weight loss. Intermittent fasting will make a pattern to consume fewer calories and burn more. 

What exactly you should know:


Forcing yourself to follow strict diets and eating routines can lead to eating disorders. The goal should always be to eat the right food for a healthier body rather than a thinner one. Lastly, do consult your dietitian or doctor before implementing anything, as everyone’s body reacts differently. So, do your research and stay healthy. 

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