Five Ways To Practice Mindfulness

Stop what you are doing right now and breathe!

Five Ways To Practice Mindfulness
Five Ways To Practice Mindfulness

In a fast world like todays, we barely get to stop for a minute and breathe. In the midst of completing our necessary tasks, we miss out on our connection with the present moment – what we are doing and how we are feeling. 

In the previous article we discussed the benefits of being mindful. In this one, we will discuss five ways in which one can be mindful on a daily basis:

1)    Stop And Breathe:

Take out a moment, stop whatever it is you are doing, and take deep breaths. Notice the sensation of your breaths. Even engaging in this for five minutes will help you keep calmer and help your mind stay focused.

2)    Do One Thing At A Time:

We are often in a habit of starting a second, third, and a fourth task when even the first one hasn’t been completed yet. It may seem easy to reply to an important text in the middle of completing a laptop task but this switching of tasks takes more time than it seems. It can even make you more prone to errors. Mindfulness encourages people to handle one task at a time since this allows them to give all their attention and bring all their awareness to one task. After all, the whole point of mindfulness is to have a clear mind and engage in tasks mindfully!

3)    Keep Your Phone Away:

What takes away our attention is anything that would be stimulating to our minds and the most stimulating things to our minds these days are our phones. Take some time out to put your phone out of reach and see how that allows you to notice your surroundings and the sensations that those surroundings provide you. Look around and feel the things you may normally not feel when you are busy on your phone checking one notification after the other and multi-tasking between apps.

4)    Activate Your Five Senses:

Mindfulness means being aware of your surroundings and letting thoughts pass like clouds. Take out a moment to use the five senses of seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, and in some cases, tasting! What do you see right now? What can you hear? Is there any smell? Touch something. Is it soft? If you are eating something, what does it taste like? What does it smell like? When you are showering, how does it feel? Is the water cold? Can you hear it? Is it activating parts of your body? 

Doing this can really help make daily tasks relaxing and help to clear the mind.

5)    What Do You Already Do That Is Mindful?

Mindfulness isn’t just about incorporating it into your life on purpose. Sometimes you may already be engaging in things that help you stay mindful. Do you paint as a hobby? Do you enjoy lying on the bed right before sleeping? Even if you think that you don’t do these things in a mindful way, you still can with making very less effort. All you have to do is, for example, pay attention to the sounds coming from your window while you are entering your room or notice how many blue cars are around you while you’re waiting in your car at a signal or notice how your feet feel when you take off your socks and touch the ground with naked feet. 


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