Flatter Everyone With These 3 Layered Haircuts

Layers may vary from hair types and texture but they always work

Flatter Everyone With These 3 Layered Haircuts
Flatter Everyone With These 3 Layered Haircuts

Haircut is a necessity if you wish to look well-groomed. It is said that trimming your hair actually encourages your hair growth. The damaged and broken hair with a lot of split ends will actually spoil your image and personality.

You might think that what should be the correct time to get your hair trim? Well, you don’t need to trim your hair every month, but at least you should get it done after every three months.

Here we have different layered haircuts depending upon your hair type and texture as said by the hairstylists and believe you me it will suit on each and every face.  

1. Shag Layers

Unlike the Shag cut of the 90’s, this modern take is longer and loose, showing plenty of layers throughout. Ryan Wenick, a stylist at Chicago Maxine Salon explains the haircut and said, “For those with fine strands, this cut is choice; the plentiful layering around the crown and throughout the hair creates endless volume.”

Another stylist Liana Zingarino who works at Serge Normant For John Frieda Salon in NYC added, “Curtain bangs are another defining feature of this style, which means it’s also a good option for anyone looking to downplay a larger forehead.”

2. Long Layers

Ryan Wenick declares this hairstyle as the most popular one, “This is definitely the most popular layered cut for a multitude of reasons.”

Wenick details about the haircut and opens about other different variations that can suit your face and lifestyle. Zingarino added, “One important thing to think about: If you like to wear your hair up or pulled back often (hello, messy topknot), be sure to ask your stylist for long layers that don’t come above your chin in the front, and are cut only into the back to create movement at the bottom.”So you can pull your hair up without any pesky pieces falling out.

3. Concave layers

This hair cut is for all those ladis who have got straight hair or sports shorter cuts like bobs or lobs. Stylist Wenick explains, “These layers go from short to long, with the shorter pieces in the back. He added that they’re also a great way to remove unwanted weight from thicker textures.” Straight hair ones can show off the layers by giving a round brush at the bottom to give some movement.