Foods You Should Avoid Eating If You Are Diabetic

It is important for a diabetic to watch what they eat for a healthy life.

Foods You Should Avoid Eating If You Are Diabetic
Foods You Should Avoid Eating If You Are Diabetic

Diabetes is a life-long diseases that is incurable but can be managed if paid attention to. Medically explained, the disease occurs when your blood glucose level, also known as the blood sugar level, is high.

Once diagnosed with diabetes, it becomes pertinent on a person to watch what they eat to lead a healthy life. Besides taking the medically prescribed medications here are some foods that a diabetic patients should avoid eating lest they fall sick.

Food You Should Avoid Eating

Considering that a diabetic patient – known as sugar patient in desi culture – already has his blood sugar levels higher than that of an average person, avoiding sweets becomes important. So say goodbye to sugary desserts and chocolates, and even sugary drinks and fruit juices. In short, anything that contains artificial sugar in it.  

On the other hand, it is also important to avoid eating carbs because they have a huge effect on a person’s blood sugar level as the body breaks them down into sugar and then absorbs them into our bloodstream.

Others things to avoid:

  1. Trans fat
  2. White bread, pasta and rice
  3. Flavored Yogurt
  4. Honey and maple syrup
  5. Packaged snack food

Foods You Can Eat

While there are a lot of things that were probably part of your diet that you may now find are no longer good for you, the following food are your best bet for a healthy life ahead. They help control diabetes.

  1. Fatty fish – salmon, sardines and mackerel
  2. Leafy vegetables – spinach, cabbage, broccoli and kale
  3. Cinnamon
  4. Whole grains – bread, rice, oats and quinoa
  5. Beans – kidney, black and pinto beans

Another important thing for a diabetic patient is to maintain an eating schedule to keep the sugar levels under control.