Four times Armeena Khan Surprised Fans With Her Stunning Performances

Armeena Rana Khan Is Back On TV, And Wows Her Fans With Yet Another Exciting Performance In Mohabbatein Chahatein

Four times Armeena Khan Surprised Fans With Her Stunning Performances
Armeena Khan

HUM TV’s Mohabbatein Chahatein is currently on air and while the hit pair of Junaid Khan - Hira Mani are in the lead, there is another actress who steals the show with her impressive performance. Her name is Armeena Khan and this is not the first time she has surprised her fans by portraying characters that are unlike her off-screen persona. Off the camera, she is soft-spoken, strikingly beautiful and courteous, which is everything Tara isn’t except the strikingly beautiful part. We decided to chalk down some of the other Armeena Khan performances where she has wowed her fans, and the experience of which helped her play Tara to perfection.

Armeena Khan As Saman In Bin Roye (HUM TV, 2015)

When she debuted in HUM FILMS’ Bin Roye, most of the audience had just one question on their lips – who is this stunner? To steal Mahira Khan’s thunder is an impossible task in a TV or a film but Armeena did the unthinkable with her stunning features and drop-dead gorgeous personality. What if her character died in the first half of the movie, she made her presence felt 'literally' as Mahira Khan’s Saba was sort of aware of her presence after her marriage to Humayun Saeed’s Irtiza, who had earlier married Armeena Khan’s Saman. She may not have a song and dance number in the movie but her looks were enough to captivate the audience, the performance that came after that was a bonus.

Armeena Khan As Haniya In Karb (HUM TV, 2015)

While Bin Roye’s Saman was the perfect girl, Haniya in Karb wasn’t. Paired with the ever-young Adnan Siddiqui, Armeena played a spoilt brat who always had her way when she lived with her parents. She had to adopt the Lucknawi accent for the role of Haniya who spoke with a ‘Hum’ instead of an ‘Aap’ or a ‘Tum’. It would have been easy for someone who grew up in Pakistan but for the foreign-returned Armeena Khan it was a challenge that she accepted and executed perfectly. In the final episode, her character returns to her mother after a few years and meets her estranged daughter (played by Hina Altaf); Armeena not only played a mature version of her previously immature character but looks glamorous even in the older character.

Armeena Khan As Meena In Janaan (ARY Films, 2016)

Armeena Khan was back to the foreign-returned role in Janaan but since it was integral to the plot, no one else could have executed it better. Here, she plays Meena Khan who visits her family Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for a wedding and realizes that two of her cousins Asfandyar (Bilal Ashraf) and Daniyal (Ali Rehman Khan) are attracted to her. And the handsome hunk couldn’t be blamed because Meena was something like a breath of fresh air for either of them. Armeena’s performance was loved by all, and even her detractors declared that she looked stunning throughout the movie. Her fans were ecstatic as they got to see their favorite actress do comedy, go serious, and even set the dance floor on fire during one of the biggest hits of the year.

Armeena Khan As Hira In Daldal (HUM TV, 2017-18)

And then there was Daldal where Armeena Khan played a young housewife who belongs to a middle-class family in Karachi. To play a character that was alien to her convincingly and that too in front of Zahid Ahmed, Abid Ali, Asma Abbas, Muneeb Butt and Kinza Hashmi was a challenge she took head-on and came out as a winner. Her mannerisms, her dialogue delivery, and her constant bickering seemed no different to any other actress doing the same thing on the screen. The play was her last project on TV in Pakistan before she went back to England to get married herself. With Mohabbatein Chahatein she is back with a bang and we are hoping that she manages to surprise her fans like always.

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