Fraud Case Registered Against Kangana Ranaut

Mumbai Police has registered a case of fraud against actress Kangana Ranaut on a court order.

Fraud Case Registered Against Kangana Ranaut
Kangana Ranaut

Indian actress Kangana Ranaut is a victim of some controversy every day. Sometimes nepotism and sometimes farmers' protests hit the media's headlines about Kangana. And now Mumbai police have registered a fraud case against the actress.

According to Indian media, an author has filed a petition in a Mumbai court accusing Kangana Ranaut of violating the Copyright Act. He claimed that the actress used some of his content without his permission.

Kangana arrest

At the author's request, the court directed the Mumbai Police to register a case of fraud against Kangana Ranaut for violating the Copyright Act. The police have started an investigation after registering the case.

Earlier, a Mumbai court had issued a warrant for the arrest of actress Kangana Ranaut in a case related to the poet Javed Akhtar's compensation.

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