#FreeJulie Trend And Protests Pay Off As Trans Activist Is Released From Custody

Justice Prevails For Julie!

#FreeJulie Trend And Protests Pay Off As Trans Activist Is Released From Custody

There is finally some good news for everyone who has been keeping a keen eye on Julie's issue. The social media sensation and trans activist has been released from police custody and social media is absolutely elated.

Julie is a transgender activist in Pakistan who is at the forefront of fighting for equal rights for her community. The marginalized community deserves nothing more than to be treated with respect and dignity but unfortunately, it is not always the case in Pakistan.

Julie's case continues to linger even though she is now out on bail. The outspoken trans activist was arrested in Islamabad last week in what people believed to be a 'fabricated case' against her. 

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Social media, in particular, Twitter, took center stage as a #FreeJulie hashtag trended nationwide for days, demanding the swift return of Julie to the outside world. A protest was also organized at the Islamabad Press Club.



#FreeJulie Trend And Protests Pay Off As Trans Activist Is Released From Custody

Standing up against injustices and giving brutal and honest opinions on societal issues has caused a lot of distress to Julie who has found herself a victim of false propaganda and been arrested several times before as well.

The news comes as welcome relief for everyone who protested against her arrest. Even though she is only out on bail but it is still a significant development. 



Julie also spoke up after her release and thanked everyone for their support and love. One of the main concerns was that she was being held in an all-men prison which would have put her life at risk. Thankfully, she is out on bail now and awaits a full acquittal.


Social media users who supported the cause should feel really good about themselves for helping an innocent person escape injustice.


It also goes on to show the power of social media in these modern times.


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