French Actress Protests On Stage Against Lockdown In A Unique Way

The actress wore donkey skin during the performance

French Actress Protests On Stage Against Lockdown In A Unique Way
Ccorinne Masiero

Despite the arrival of the vaccine for Corona, a partial lockdown is still in place in many countries, including Pakistan, which has caused employment problems for millions of people.

Those facing unemployment includes theater actors, therefore an actress from France, a European country associated with the sector, opened the government's eyes with a unique protest against the extended lockdown.

Reuters reported the news agency, the country's top film awards, the 57-year-old theater actor Corinne Masiero at a Paris ceremony, surprised everyone by the naked protest.

Corinne Masiero came on stage for the performance and covered herself with a 'donkey' skin dress.

corinne masiero protest

Corinne Masiero's performance was highly praised for wearing a unique outfit, but fans were surprised when she took off her clothes after the performance.

According to the news agency, Corinne Masiero spoke about the country's lockdown for a short time after the performance and explained how the theatre actors are starving.

The actress said that theatre actors should be allowed to work after the lockdown because if there is no culture, there is no future.

After a short speech, the actress took off her dress in front of everyone on stage.

The stage actress also carried slogans like 'Give us back our art' and 'No future without culture' on her chest and abdomen.

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