German Youtuber And Actress Zoya Nasir Are Going To Marry?

Both Are Sharing Romantic Pictures On Their Social Media Handles

German Youtuber And Actress Zoya Nasir Are Going To Marry?
Zoya Nasir and Christian Betzmann

After Christian Betzmann’s conversion to Islam, there are rumors on social media that he is going to marry Pakistani actress Zoya Nasir.

Christian Betzmann confirmed in his YouTube video and Instagram post on February 5 that he converted to Islam while living in Pakistan, inspired by the Muslim way of life.

German YouTuber also showed reciting the Kalma-e-Tauheed and praying for the first time in his life in an 8-minute video released on his YouTube channel.

In the video, Christian Betzmann says that he was born and raised in Europe. Last year, he came to Pakistan in December, and created his own YouTube channel.

He said that before coming to Pakistan and living with Muslims and understanding Islam, he also considered Islam as a religion of terrorism, war and violence, but now as he is living in Pakistan, he changed his mind and converted to Islam. He also added that now he understands the true purpose of Islam.

In the video, he also thanked for entering the realm of Islam and can be seen reciting Kalma-e-Tauheed. The video also shows him pursuing a degree as a Muslim at the School of Islamic Studies in Miami, Florida, USA.

Recently, Christian Betzmann also shared photos of the Islamic School of Miami with Muslim credentials on Instagram.

After his conversion to Islam, his fans congratulated him and wished him well, while many well-known showbiz personalities also congratulated him on his conversion to Islam.

Those who congratulated him on accepting Islam were his said girlfriend Zoya Nasir, actress Manal Khan, YouTuber Sham Idrees and Zaid Ali among others.

While Pakistani fans congratulated Christian Betzmann, they also commented on his Instagram post that they are now waiting for the news of his marriage with Zoya Nasir.

Christian Betzmann and Zoya Nasir are very close to each other for the past one year and the two, not only share videos made with each other on social media but also post their romantic photos.

It is believed that Chris Betzmann was in love with Zoya Nasir and he came to Pakistan for her. However, the two, did not give any explanation in this regard.

Just three days before Christian Betzmann accepted Islam, Zoya Nasir shared a video with him on her YouTube channel, in which they were seen playing games. 

Due to their romantic style, fans also call them 'couple' and appreciate their duo and chemistry. However, the two have never openly expressed their love.



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Now that Christian Betzmann has accepted Islam, it is being speculated that the two may initially acknowledge their relationship and love for each other and will make public announcement. 


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