Get Heatless Curls With These Methods

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Get Heatless Curls With These Methods
Heatless Curls Methods

Every person has gone through a phase; overusing heat gives a sense of guilt. Even though curling your hair flawless with a curling wand or using a flat iron for a sleek look makes your hair presentable and manageable, but it leaves damage and brittleness, which is harmful in the long term. The constant styling and heating wear off the moisture of your hair. Girls, move towards heatless methods to protect the hair from damage and rock those beach waves and curls. We came across specific ways to curl your hair with zero damage. 

Loose Curls For Lazy Days: 

Loose Curls For Lazy Days

You will be excited to pull off these smooth and sleek curls, which you can achieve in no time. These curls are deficient maintenance and give an effortlessly gorgeous look. Follow these steps to complete the bouncy glimpse. 

All You Need Is: 

1. Hair clips 
2. a Water spray 
3. Rubber bands 


Start off by taking your hair into a ponytail. Take each section and wrap it around your finger to form a curl and secure it against the scalp carefully. Let the hair air dry completely. Takedown the ponytail with each section. You will achieve the perfect curls with undemanding damage. 

Socks Curls: 

Socks curls

The very famous socks curls are the foolproof way to get heatless rolls in your hair. You will get smooth curls without sacrificing your hair to heat. Home remedies never go out of fashion, and it is always convenient to pick out things from the corner of your room and use those as alternatives. Socks curls are the best example of such methods. 

You Will Need: 

1. Regular socks 
2. Water spray or hair spray 
3. Plastic hair tie 



Roll each hair section around your socks. You have to take two strands and wrap them around one sock that the hair strands form "X." Do that with every section of hair and secure the strands with socks through a plastic hair tie. It will give the best results if you leave it to dry overnight. 

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