Ghalat Fehmi Cover: Asim Azhar Is Full Of Praise For Young Fan

Asim Azhar Appreciates Young Fan's Singing

Ghalat Fehmi Cover: Asim Azhar Is Full Of Praise For Young Fan
Asim Azhar

Asim Azhar started his career by playing covers of famous songs on YouTube. It is perhaps this reason why he relates so much to the younger audience who aspire to be just like him. The singing sensation has not only proven his mettle in his profession but he also has a heart of gold and tries to come through for people, time, and again.

The famous singer, songwriter, and actor came to the limelight when he was picked up by Coke Studio in season nine of the popular international music franchise. He became a public figure soon after and has witnessed a meteoric rise in his popularity, which is thoroughly well-deserved as well.

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Perhaps it is Asim Azhar's effortless ability to not only deliver one hit song after another but his overall efforts to be the voice of today's youth and help them in whatever capacity he can that sets him apart from his compatriots. 

The singer also has immense love for cricket and has garnered even more fans through his cricket tweets since the start of the Pakistan Super League and ongoing Pakistan vs England Test Series. 

The Soneya singer recently challenged Pakistanis to cover the song on TikTok and received an overwhelming response for it. Asim Azhar couldn't contain his happiness at seeing a vast pool of talented Pakistani musicians who, with the right guidance, could go on to become the next big thing in the country.

Taking to Twitter, Asim tweeted:

"Makes me so so happy seeing young girls & boys with AMAZING raw voices putting their videos online. That's how I started in 2012 but I was the only one doing it at that time. Now we have a force."

He added that the future is bright for young and upcoming Pakistani artists and that he s looking forward to a COVID-free 2021.

"The future is looking good InshaAllah. And I plan to play my part as well. 2021!"



Earlier, Asim Azhar shared a wonderful cover of his hit song, Ghalat Fehmi, by a young fan. 


Ghalat Fehmi is a song from the blockbuster 2019 movie Superstar starring Bilal Ashraf and Mahira Khan and the song is sung by Asim Azhar and Zenab Fatimah Sultan. 


On account of Pakistan's Independence Day on 14th August, the singer posted an amazing acoustic cover of Ae Mere Pyare Watan on his Twitter:



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