Give It A Try To Skunk Hair Trend

Go classy with these hair colours in 2021

Give It A Try To Skunk Hair Trend
Skunk Hair Trend

The quarantine indeed made many of us indulge in new looks, cooking, hobbies and a lot of hair cuttings went on. Even if the hair colouring went wrong, this standout hair trend would amuse you. The skunk hair, two-tone dye not blending together, is all about some stark contrasts. The key to implement this style is two shades of dye evident on your hair with minimal blending. We are sure that this is the most exciting trend for those who love to be extraordinarily unexceptional. Here are the ways you can carry it. 



The chunky highlight is where it all began. Celebrities here and there started off with a big blonde chunk of hair not blending with black. It looks creative yet sleek. Professional hairstylist suggests that people who want to carry around a low maintenance hair colour, then skunk hair would be a brighter option. It looks undoubtedly stunning. 

Red Stripe: 

Red Stripe

The bold colour statement of red with subtlety dyed jet black hair in the base colour is adventurous to begin with. It's effortless, and the hint of red makes it dramatic. The phase of skunk hair is so in if you want to try something new with your hair. 

Roots On The Brighter Side: 

Billie eilish green hair

This is where things get dramatic. We bet everyone has seen the famous star Billie Eilish standing out in this style. You can carry the skunk hair while opting for a more vibrant and bright colour on the roots, in a brushstroke texture and going black till the ends. 

Peek-A-Boo Hair: 

Peek-A-Boo Hair

It's playful hair that gives a significant boost of boldness to your overall look. Peek a boo hair is with natural colour on top, and an opposite colour peep from underneath. It's like playing a trick with your hair, and you can style it in multiple forms.

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