Guide To More Effective Parenting Toddlers

Everything You Need To Know And More!

Guide To More Effective Parenting Toddlers
Positive parenting is only way to handle your toddler

We need to admit the fact that parenting is the toughest and most fulfilling job in the world. The toddlers and preschoolers can be exhausting but you need a tap on your back as you’ve survived the sleepless nights and never ending feeding cycles.

You have entered a new world where your child can speak- but mostly you will listen ‘No’. Your child can walk- but will always run away from you outdoors. Your child is independent enough- but not at that time when you’re getting late for work. You can even enjoy this stage without being terrible!


 Use these tips to manage your toddler’s discipline, tantrums and boost his confidence with style.

Positive parenting

In order to make your child disciplined, you need to be first! Yes, it’s true. We cannot jump straight into discipline or punish them. Let’s take a step back and breathe. A connection between parent and a child is more important and that would be only possible when you are calm and compose. Listen and observe your child to create strategies and solutions.

Discipline toddlers

There is a fine-line between discipline and punishment which we need to clarify first. ‘Punishment’ can create a painful experience in your child’s mind whereas; discipline guides your child a better way to cope with the situation in future. It is an amazing way to improve your child’s emotional intelligence, enhance their problem solving skills, make them learn about empathy and above of all keeps your relation healthy and strong.

discipline toddlers

Managing tantrums of your toddler

Toddler and tantrums are the two wheels of a car which goes side by side. Tantrums are totally normal in toddlers as it’s hard to steer the world with limited language and a brain that is under-development. Here, positive parenting will play a key role in controlling tantrums of your toddler.


Siblings rivalry

Oh, last but not the least, managing siblings fights and rivalries can be hard as a rock! One cannot expect a toddler to understand and manage these social skills, here you need to provide the support and make them learn to share toys, taking turns and do not raise hands on each other in case of disagreement too! Well, it might be difficult but not impossible as kids grasp new things quickly.  

sibling rivalry