Hackers Got Hold Of Sindh Investment Board’s Website

“Shut The Schools Down Now” - Writes Hacker

Hackers Got Hold Of Sindh Investment Board’s Website

Amidst the corona chaos, where the government is constantly trying to take protective measures, sometimes a hit or miss situation, Sindh Investment board’s website was hacked and left with a warning.

The message says, “This is a warning message to Pakistan Government, Student Lives are no joke! Shut the Schools down now.”

This message is asking the government to review its decision to keep all educational institutions open amidst another and presumably more deadly Covid-19 wave.

The government however has made a decision to keep all education institutions open in Pakistan. Despite 2,760 lives lost in Sindh alone by Covid-19, earlier to this incident the government spoke to the people, “Students have already lost on a lot of education due to the coronavirus lockdown and can’t afford more losses,” the Sindh education ministry said.

Saeed Ghani

The idea of no winter holidays this year is scheduled to be re-discussed in a meeting in the National Command and Operation Centre, which will commence on the 23rd of November, 2020. However, after this attack on the Sindh Investment Board’s website, this decision may be affected.

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