Hair Care For Hijabi Beauties

Wearing hijab is no more a problem!!

Hair Care For Hijabi Beauties
Hijabi Girl

We all admit that self care is important but when it is hot and humid out there, it becomes a little complex. Dealing with moisture in the places you don't want it to be is the worst. Self care and hygiene is an important part of your life but when you have to deal with the sticky hair and oily scalp…. it is irritating! You have to be more vigilant especially in summers. You gotta make sure that your head is tidy and oil free, particularly when it's covered. The culture of covered hair is mainly followed in muslim countries as a part of the religion but nowadays wearing hijab has been evolved as a fashion.

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This fashion and culture comes with some necessities and problems you might face on a daily basis. Girls with covered heads might become vulnerable to skin and scalp diseases.

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But problems are everywhere... this won’t stop us from following our culture, religion or the fashion trends. Instead, we can take some precautions which can protect our scalp and hair so that we can let the head be covered for the rest of the day, without being worried.

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Use Perfumed Shampoo:

New inventions are just awesome. Earlier we used to perfume our bodies in order to get the best odour and now we can perfume our hair as well. Using scented shampoo would help reduce the smell from the hair and the enchantic odour would make you feel fresh.

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Oil Your Hair:

Covering your head in winters, might result in a dry scalp and the dandruff would fall off at your shoulders which might make you a little uneasy and less confident. Coconut oil works the best for dry scalp, apply it on alternative days and rinse thoroughly. There you go with happy and healthy hair. 

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Anti-lice Shampoo:

Having lice in your head can never be ignored at any cost. No matter how attractive you look with that graceful scarf you carry on your head, no one would like to sit with a girl who's scratching her head. Moisture when mixed with sweat results in greasy hair and it develops bacteria which results into lice in the head. To get rid of this creepy dirt, you gotta wash those strands with anti-lice shampoo. 

hijabi woman

hijabi woman

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