Haircuts To Pick According To Your Face Shape

Use our guide for cuts and styles but first frame your face

Haircuts To Pick According To Your Face Shape
Pick a hair cut that suits your face shape

Did you get the thought that once lockdown gets over and the things come back to the normal, I am going to get a fresh look? If yes, then you first need to determine your face shape. It is the most important step before getting a fresh new look as if the cut doesn’t go well with your face- then nothing can be undone!

No matter which face shape do you have, whether it’s a heart, diamond, rectangle, oval, square, circle, and triangle, just do not opt for the trendiest cut. Instead, opt for the cut that suits your face.

Determining the face shape

The most easy and simple trick to determine your face cut is to click a picture with your hair all tied back. Trace the outline of your face and match it with the shape it closely resembles.

face shapes

Haircuts according to your face shapes

Rectangular faces

Without further elongating the face, the rectangular faces ones should try to soften the jaw bones and foreheads. You can opt for a blowout, waves or curls as you have to soften the sharp sides of your face. Go for curtain bangs and soft-round fringes if you like.

rectangular face

Oval faces

A wide variety of haircuts can go well with oval shaped-faces. For ladies who like short hair can opt for a trendy bob with subtle layers. Ladies, preferring long hair can go for minimal layers or waves and curls.

oval shape

Square faces

A square shaped face has a broad forehead, cheek bone and a strong jaw bone. To flatter everyone with your looks you need to soften these features first. Select side-parted style which will off-set the squareness and compliment your bone structure. Considering layered bob will also look cool on the square faced girl. Adding a cheatsheet, add a side-swept bang to enhance your cheekbone rather than the jaw bone.

square face

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Round face

Round face shapes have a similar length and width rounded cheeks.  Particularly, long layered cuts that start around the jaw line tend to look best. Fringes can also be added that finishes at the eye to give a length to your face.

round shape