Half Up - Half Down Hairstyle Inspiration To Try

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Half Up - Half Down Hairstyle Inspiration To Try
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Trying something new with your hair always takes you out of your comfort zone of having your hair down all the time. Indeed, a half up half down hairstyle is one thing that definitely works on every face; despite the shape, hair length or hair texture, it is never a bad option. This hairstyle is something that you can rock even before the wash day. It is the perfect choice before the wash day to have decent looking hair. Here are some inspirational half up half down hairstyles you can contrast with your hair. 

Classic Bangs With Swept-Back: 

Sleek hair setting at the back with bangs teasing on the front will add charm to your overall look. This hairstyle eventually contours the face and much recommended for a round face. Add the fun of fringes to your face. 

Classic Bangs With Swept-Back.jpg

Get Playful With A Man Bun: 

Who said that man bun is only for a guy's hair? A girl can indeed pull it off. Easy to- do man buns are pleasant for summer heat and classy enough for office days. Step out of your comfort zone and retreat your fashion statement with a top knot man bun. 

Get Playful With A Man Bun.jpg

A Waterfall Affair: 

A braided waterfall half up half down has been well-liked by brides, and even as a guest in a wedding, it will turn heads. It injects volume to the hair and ultimately makes the whole look very sleek, with hair braided like a falling waterfall. Accessorise it with a stem of flowers for a formal look at the wedding. 

A Waterfall Affair.jpg

Beachy Waves In An Updo: 

Textured hair securely tied up with the waves falling on the shoulders is a quirky style. With putting minimalistic efforts and zero heat, you can achieve this gorgeous look. 

Beachy Waves In An Updo.jpg

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