Hania Amir Joins The #RasodeMeKaunTha Meme Bandwagon With A Hilarious Post

Hania Amir Is The Latest Celebrity To Ask The Famous Question!

Hania Amir Joins The #RasodeMeKaunTha Meme Bandwagon With A Hilarious Post
Hania Amir

Hania Amir is the latest celebrity to join in on the one thing that has reunited Indians and Pakistanis recently and has set the internet ablaze - the #RasodeMeKaunTha meme. The meme has gone absolutely viral in the subcontinent and is showing no signs of diminishing anytime soon.

Yashraj Mukhate, a famous Indian Instagrammer initiated the meme, that has now made him an overnight sensation in both India and Pakistan. He made a mashup video of a scene from an Indian soap drama and it went viral on all social media platforms in no time.

Various celebrities joined in on the fun including Pakistan's Minal Khan and now it is the beautiful actress, Hania Amir who has jumped on the bandwagon with a hilarious take on the famous meme. 

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The meme that has been the talk of the town recently is derived from an Indian soap drama called Saath Nibhaana Saathiya where a character named Kokila Ben asks her daughter-in-law as to who was in the kitchen and ruined chickpeas in the cooker. Yashraj Mukhate gave this scene a dramatic music mash-up and since then, people have been humming to it nonstop.

Bear in mind that this is the same Indian soap drama that once gave us another hilarious scene in which the daughter-in-law washes her husband's laptop with soap and water and hangs it out to dry.

Now it's Hania Amir's turn to have some fun and she has done a wonderful job with it as people are absolutely loving her take on the meme. The Ishqiya actress took to her Instagram and posted a hilarious photo while answering the most pertinent question on everyone's mind, that is, Rasoray Main Kaun Tha (who was in the kitchen?). 

Hania posted the meme on her Instagram and answered the question by accepting that she was the one who was in the kitchen and that she is behind the mischief by removing the chickpeas from the cooker, leaving it empty on the stove. The answer had the mother-in-law smiling!


Aur khali cooker gas pe charha diya . . . via @haniasholics ????

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 The meme from Hania Amir has garnered tens of thousands of likes and has her fans and followers laughing at this sweet take from the actress. 

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