Happy Birthday David Schwimmer: 5 Times Ross Geller Made Us Laugh Out Loud

Happy Birthday To The FRIENDS Superstar

Happy Birthday David Schwimmer: 5 Times Ross Geller Made Us Laugh Out Loud
David Schwimmer

Today we wish a very happy birthday to American actor, comedian, director, and producer David Schwimmer. The star, of the famous television sitcom FRIENDS fame, turns 54 today.

David Schwimmer is one of the most talented and versatile actors in Hollywood and his performances in all 10 seasons of FRIENDS earned him rave reviews from critics and fans alike. 

Just like all FRIENDS superstars, he is extremely famous among young adults and is known as Ross Geller even in real life.

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Throughout his time at FRIENDS, David Schwimmer gave us plenty of laugh out loud moments along with his cast members and we take a look at some of them on his birthday.

1. Tanning Nightmare:

In season 10 episode 3, Ross decides to go to a tanning place and get a fake tan. What follows is absolutely hilarious. Just when you think Ross’ tanning experience couldn’t get worse, it does. Who would have thought that counting "mississippi" could cause so many problems for Ross and so many laughs for us?

2. Unagi:

Ross tries to teach Rachel and Phoebe a Japanese technique called Unagi after the girls take self-defense classes. He soon learns not to mess with the pair, who are quick to mock and humble him in hilarious ways. The entire sequence is absolutely hilarious. 

3. New Sofa:

One of the most hilarious episodes of FRIENDS features Ross buying a new sofa set for his lounge. He decides to carry the sofa to his apartment with Rachel, after dismissing the overpriced transportation cost. What follows is absolutely hilarious as Ross, Chandler, and Rachel try to carry the sofa through the stairs and into Ross' apartment. Ross keeps yelling "Pivot" and when it gets a bit too much for Chandler, he yells "Shut up!" in frustration. The sofa ends up breaking in half!

4. Fake Accent:

When Ross gets invited to guest lecture at NYU, he becomes so nervous that he fakes a British accent. At the suggestion of Monica, he starts phasing it out, causing confusion among the students as he exaggerates every other word. In perfect timing, he apologizes to the class and admits he just wants to make a good impression, right before Rachel barges in with the startling discovery that they’re still married.

5. Sandwich Diaries:

On the brink of divorce from Emily and recently evicted from his department, the Thanksgiving leftover sandwich was the only glimmer of hope he had — and now it’s gone. Someone at work ate his sandwich and Ross did not take it very well at all! 

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