Harms Of Bleaching And Formula Creams

I am sure you will stop thinking to use whitening creams after reading this!

Harms Of Bleaching And Formula Creams

The inferiority complex in girls is mostly due to the demand for fair complexion by society. Besides, the media is equally complicit in the crime. Girls and often boys use whitening creams but forget about the severe consequences that start to appear a few days after using these creams. Let us tell you what are the ingredients in bleaching creams that make them harmful to the skin.


Be extra careful with 'quick results' creams as they contain large amounts of steroids. It is due to the steriods which make the skin thin. And with its use, facial hair also starts to grow faster.



A lovely scented cream is enough to ruin your skin. Because these fragrances are artificially added, and alcohol is used to maintain their effectiveness for a long time, which causes allergies. Even if you have to buy face cream, choose a cream that says fragrance-free to minimize the risk of damage.

fragrance in creams and lotion


Fair complexion is not a result of magic, but these creams contain bleaching agents with an acidic effect. This has been banned in Europe, Australia, and Japan due to its harmful effects.


Dangerous Chemicals

To increase the product's expiry date, chemicals are added that have a detrimental effect on the skin. These chemicals are cheap, so they are added to all kinds of creams. Therefore, only prefer paraben-free lotions and creams.


Mercury And Lead

Most whitening creams contain mercury and lead, which make these creams even more harmful. Due to these ingredients, the skin color becomes darker, and also the sensitivity increases. The skin also loses its immunity as mercury is toxic to the skin.

mercury and lead

Disadvantages Of Whitening Cream:

Whitening creams have various disadvantages that include; itchiness, stretchiness, dry skin, allergies, increased sensitivity to the sun. Various skin diseases can also arise such as blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, etc.
The biggest drawback of using whitening creams is that it can lead to skin cancer. 

Formula creams are at least four times more dangerous than regular creams.

Nowadays, if you go to any local shop or beauty parlor, there is an emphasis on selling formula creams. The remarkable thing about these creams is that they really work. These creams, which are made by mixing at least four different creams and more, have an immediate effect because they contain at least four times as many ingredients and the disadvantages of formula creams. They are more than just creams. Formula creams significantly increase the risk of early cancer. Also, as soon as you stop using such products, you feel terrible, and if you use these creams regularly, the end result is skin cancer.

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