Has Your Acne Gotten Worse During Lockdown?

You will not believe as more than 55% of people will say ‘Yes’

Has Your Acne Gotten Worse During Lockdown?
Has Your Acne Gotten Worse During Lockdown?

When something like the novel coronavirus effectively thwarts the lives of millions of people around the world, priorities shift, and taking care of your skin nosedives to the bottom of the list.

Work From Home scenario has not just got our nerves but also they have left a big impact on our lives, our skin and diet.

Let’s sketch your work from home scenario and see where we are wrong; sitting in front of the computer all day means you might be leaning on your hands or touching your face more often, taking online classes, completing assignments and munching chips, oily fried items and what not!

Dermatologist Joshua Zeichner, MD, says "This can lead to skin irritation and inflammation, which promote acne breakouts.”

How can we expect that our skin will glow then?

Increased blood sugar levels by eating sugary and starchy also create a great impact on your skin care routine.

Taking stress and freaking out can lead to acne production too. The internal reaction it has on your body can trigger the stress hormone cortisol, which then revs up oil production on the skin and — you guessed it — leads to flare-ups. Still, even more so than the straightforward acne triggers people are dealing with right now are the equally common, but rarely talked about, ways your mental health plays a role.

How to Save Your skin

The most important part of self-care in the wave of a pandemic is being kind to yourself. Understand that your breakouts are not anything you did wrong, and instead, redirect that energy to tweaking your skin-care routine for your specific concerns now. It could be that your skin is irritated by the face mask you're required to wear outside and during all appointments."

As wearing masks outside has become a part of SOP, make sure you keep yours clean to avoid "mask acne" by washing the fabric as much as you would your face — every day.