Here Is Why Nairobi Isn’t Just Your Intelligent Thief

We might not see the Spanish actor Alba Flores in the latest Money Heist season but she has a lot more to offer than her portrayal of Nairobi.

Here Is Why Nairobi Isn’t Just Your Intelligent Thief

Spanish actor Alba Flores became a household name after she played the fictional character Nairobi in Netflix hit-series Money Heist.

Ruling our hearts with her profound acting since season 1, Flores may possibly not return for the season finale as hinted by her recent farewell. Season 4 saw her get shot on the chest on Alicia’s orders by the police, who lure her out of the Bank of Spain, giving her false hope to meet her son.

Fan theories, however, suggest that the famous character might return from the dead in Money Heist’s final instalment. Whether Flores returns or not is yet to be seen, but there are many more reasons to fall in love with her than her portrayal of the intelligent thief.

The 33-year-old has much more to offer than Nairobi and here are all the reasons we love her:

Her Singing Prowess

Belonging to a family of singers and music composers, Flores also has a passion for singing. She recorded her father Antonio Flores, who is a renowned Spanish musician and composer, theme song ‘I cannot fall in love with you’ back in 2019.

The song was the soundtrack for the movie At the End of the Road (Al final del camino).


"La gent no s'adona del poder que té" María Arnal i Marcel Bagés ????????????????

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Her Social Activism

The actor does not shy away from advocating for causes she believes in. Time and again she has voiced her views unapologetically and even gone on the streets to march for causes.

Back in December, the 33-year-old marched for global warming and climate change in Madrid, Spain.


¡¡Marcha por el clima!!

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Her Style

Not only is Flores a great actor but she also has a knack for styling and her red carpet looks are proof. Be it feminine cuts and dresses or pant suits, Flores aka Nairobi looks uber chic in everything.


We hope that season finale of Money Heist pays tribute to the star behind Nairobi by bringing her back.