Here Is Why Taking A Break From Work Is Good For You

Many of us pride on being workaholics but too much work affects us adversely.

Here Is Why Taking A Break From Work Is Good For You
Here Is Why Taking A Break From Work Is Good For You

How many times have we proudly stated to someone that we have not taken a holiday from work for months like that was our biggest achievement? Or perhaps taken pride in juggling two jobs at once?

Well the truth is, working nonstop or being a ‘workaholic’ may get us success and make us money but it all comes at a cost of our health.

Taking less to no days off for ourselves leads to chronic stress that gradually manifests into physical symptoms and makes lowers our life expectancy.

Moreover, taking breaks means taking care of ourselves and in return this leads to us performing better at work.

According to a study published back in 2018 by Turk, taking regular lunch breaks during work let alone going on a vacation and taking days off, leads to more productivity.

Here are four benefits of taking a break:

Interrupting the stress cycle –

Whether we love our work or not, there is no denying the fact that it causes up some level of stress and continuously working only aggravates this stress.

The only way to interrupt this stress cycles is by taking a break and going on a vacation to recharge our body and mind.

Increased Productivity –

Like mentioned above taking regular breaks not just during work hours but at least once a year at a stretch can help us retain information and skills we have learned better and get back to work fresh, leading to an increase in productivity levels.

More Creativity –

There is an extent to which our brains can be creative and overworking them can lead to a loss of ideas. Hence, taking breaks can bring back the creativity among us and make us feel more satisfies than just having to rush through work day after day.

A Healthy Life –

Taking breaks can lead to cultivating healthy habits. These include exercising or getting back to hobbies or activities we previously enjoyed but owing to our busy schedules did not have the time to do them. This in return leads to a healthy and fulfilled life.