HNH Exclusive: Umair Jaswal On His New Project

I am lucky to be a Raahi, and to get to do what I love for a living - Umair Jaswal

HNH Exclusive: Umair Jaswal On His New Project
Umair Jaswal

You hear the name Jaswal, instantly connecting it with music. When you say Umair Jaswal, you envision the rockstar himself and the bewitching number, Sammi Meri Waar. His 2015 Coke Studio hit - that divided music fans, garnered massive love and some hate mail - was unforgettable, to say the least. A seasoned musician like Umair has also meddled with a few acting projects, but today he tells about a pursuit of a unique journey he experienced with Raahi.

Jaswal has a cheery, energetic aura around him which compliments his biker-boy built; complete with toned arms and an untamed beard. Fans who actively follow his show Raahi on YouTube, know about the singer and actor’s soul-searching travels on a bike, where he traverses through Pakistan, exchanging cultural stories. Raahi captures the visual journey of Jaswal, as he tours his own country on a bike, providing viewers with a new lens with which to reimagine their country and rediscover its true essence without any barriers or socio-political influences.

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How did Raahi begin for you? When did the idea of doing a project like this come to you?

Umair: It came some years back. I love to bike and took a trip up north traveling. It turned out to be a life-changing experience for me. That trip really helped me in putting things into perspective, because bike rides are generally therapeutic. It made me realize how beautiful our country is and how sad it is that we don’t get to make good quality content for our country. I know some vloggers who are doing an amazing job, but I wanted to make something for the big screen.
I am very fortunate to be one of those, who get to pursue what they love and make a living out of it. We got into talks with Easypaisa Pakistan and pitched this idea to them. They loved it and the rest is history.

You started your career with the rock band Qayaas, but then decided to go solo. What changed your mind?

Umair: I have some lovely memories with the band and yes, it gave me a great trajectory in my musical career. Making this decision was not easy, but I took a leap of faith one day. There is no controversy as to why I left the band, it is just that I wanted to try out different things in my career which I couldn't if I was limited to Qayaas. It was a tough decision and I admit, I did get an emotional hit. But looking back, I see great memories and no regrets.

You have meddled with acting too and were part of several projects including Yalghaar and Mol Mahal. Can fans expect you to take up more acting projects in the future?

Umair: Over the years, I have been offered several acting projects from leading media houses but I had to turn them down. Believe me, some of the projects that were offered to me became big hits later. As to why I never went for acting projects? I never found any of the scripts so compelling. I have huge respect for the work actors do, living in their roles and on sets for months and months. I just felt, if I will ever do this, it will be a project that really touches me, means something to me. You evolve as a person over time, so in the future, if a good acting project comes my way I will be happy to consider it.

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