HNH Spotlight with Schehryar Agha Abbas – The Pakistani Star In Game of Thrones

Pakistan Actor Agha Abbas Shares His Experience of Working In Game of Thrones

HNH Spotlight with Schehryar Agha Abbas – The Pakistani Star In Game of Thrones
Schehryar Agha Abbas In GOT

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past decade, you must be very familiar with HBO’s blockbuster fictional drama series, Game of Thrones. The highest budget show ever produced by the network, saw billions of people worldwide take interest in it and it has since garnered a cult following.

The show became a generational phenomenon in Pakistan. If you think that the Turkish series Dirilis: Ertugrul has become the most popular foreign series in the country, think again. No other series holds a candle to Game of Thrones as far as its popularity is concerned in Pakistan.

However, it would come as quite a surprise to even the most ardent of Game of Thrones fans in Pakistan that a Pakistani actor also featured in the show as well. As an extra, yes, but he was present in the final season doing multiple roles.

Schehryar Abbas Agha is a Pakistani who lives in Ireland. He is an aspiring actor and model and was cast in the final season of Game of Thrones.

Team HNH Style sat down with Agha and asked him a few questions and his experience of working in the hit television show. We began by asking him to tell us a little something about his origins, to which Agha replied that he belongs to Quetta, Baluchistan but has mostly lived in Islamabad where he got to spend time with his grandfather. Agha’s dad was in the Pakistan Air Force so he got the opportunity to travel all over Pakistan. The actor came to Ireland to pursue his MBA.

When asked why he chose acting, Agha revealed that he started off with a couple of gigs of modeling in Pakistan. About his role in Game of Thrones he said:

“With Game of Thrones filming its final season in Ireland, I heard about auditions taking place for the show and decided to definitely give it a shot”. His efforts resulted in him landing multiple roles!

We proceeded to ask Agha whether it was challenging, exciting, or scary to be part of such a massive production. The actor revealed that it was initially unbelievable and seemed unreal he was called in for the measurement of costume. He added:

“I adapted in both the roles. The shooting took place in Belfast, which was about 2-3 hours away from Dublin. It was a long day but I had a great experience”. He appreciated the enormity and magnificence of the set that gave one the experience of actually being in that era and further admired the efforts that were made in not only building it but he was amazed how it was all destroyed when the part about dragon attack was filmed.

Agha expressed that he was rather pleased being part of Game of Thrones. He continued:

“For the longest time, I couldn’t believe that I was part of Game of Thrones. I used to watch and like the show a lot. However, the worst part was knowing the ending as it was a spoiler for me. I couldn’t tell or share it with any of my friends! Some of my friends didn’t believe that I was part of the show when I told them!”

Upon being asked where he saw himself in the next ten years, Agha Abbas heartily responded: “Would working in Hollywood be an overstatement? [laughs]”

He then proceeded to tell us that he has not thought of acting in films as a long term career. He said: “Let’s see what the future has in store for me. For now, though, my focus is on the automation industry. However, if I was offered a role with a goodl script, a strong character, and an interesting storyline, I would take that opportunity.”

We asked Agha whether he would mind playing a negative role, to which he responded: “Not at all! You can’t always play a heroic role. There is a lot of potential in negative roles. A lot of times, negative roles make you grow as an actor!”

Upon being asked about what he makes of Pakistani productions and if given a choice, whom would he like to work with, Agha replied: “I don’t really know much about Pakistani productions to be honest. I used to watch dramas with family sometimes. However, given a chance, I would probably like to work with Sarmad Khoosat, Bilal Lashari, and Ahsan Khan.”

When asked about his female co-star of choice he replied, “Sanam Saeed, because of her marvelous acting skills, the fact that she takes up strong roles, and doesn’t play her roles superficially. She really does justice to her character.”

Team HNH Style ended the spotlight interview by asking Schehryar Agha Abbas for a video message for youngsters about how to handle the struggles, successes, and disappointments in this line of work to which he sent a very realistic and relatable message.


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We at HNH wish this rising star the very best in his future endeavors!

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