How Does High Lift Hair Dye Really Works

It's a revolution in hair color industry!

How Does High Lift Hair Dye Really Works
Hair Dye

A lighter shade or a complete blonde hair is every girl’s dream since childhood. As we grow up the little bubble we live in dreaming about dyeing the hair gets burst once we get to know about the immense damage bleach brings us. Girls, however tend to give up on the idea to damage the hair by bleaching just to achieve the perfect blonde hair. Time’s changed now and hair can be toned down into much lighter shades through tried and tested techniques that people are using after research and studies just to find out the right way to get lighter hair without bleach. High lift hair dye is one of those techniques. 

Bleach Free Way To Achieve Lighter Tone Hair 

High lift hair color is a great way to lighten the hair without using any bleach. It basically lifts or you can say lifts the natural pigment of the hair and instead it deposits a lighter dye in to it. However, a high level of ammonia and deeper colour pigment that penetrates into the hair help us to make this job possible. The ammonia easily opens the cuticles of hair to make the dye deposit into the strands for a lighter blonde shade or whatever the colour is required and the hair easily adapts the colour. To get a high lift hair dye achievable a 40 ratio developer is used which activates the lightening agent. The techniques also guarantee a successful hair colour without a huge damage that bleaching does, so you can dye your hair without worrying about aftermath. High lift hair color also gives the benefit of a more permanent colour without the need of constant toning and it’s highly recommended for people who suffers from allergies or sensitivities from strong bleach.



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