How Green Tea Benefits You In Weight Loss

Timely consumption and exact amount of green tea is important

How Green Tea Benefits You In Weight Loss
Is Green Tea Good For Weight loss?

The second most consumed beverage after water would be tea. It is suggested that around 80% consumption of tea is black and 20% consumption is green. Green tea has its native back from India and China and is used for different treatments.  Green tea is also considered as a weight loss product and has gained popularity widespread.

green tea for weight loss

Among several health benefits of green tea such as cancer prevention and heart diseases, reduce cholesterol levels and stroke risk, weight loss is also there.

The question arises how green tea reduces your weight. I am sure you must have heard the word metabolism. Yes, metabolism is the process in which your food breaks down and converts into useable energy.  Green tea has catechin flavonoid which boosts your metabolism and makes it more efficient. 

green tea metabolism

Green tea works best when it is consumed with a healthy diet and regular exercise.


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Next question, what should be the exact amount of green tea to consume. Well, it depends on person to person depending upon their natural metabolism. University of Maryland suggests that a person should only consume 2 or 3 cups a day for the purpose of weight loss.

green tea

You will get the essence of green tea perfectly when it is prepared in the correct way. Overheating of water can spoil the catechins, so for best taste and color, boil the water and let it rest for 5-8 minutes. Add leaves in it and boil for 1 minute only before pulling out the leaves.

green tea method

The most difficult thing is the selection of green tea because varieties of options are there. If you really wish to reduce weight by drinking green tea then pick the plain one. The one with the minimal processing consists of the highest nutritional value.

green tea plain

As green tea has fewer calories but it boosts your metabolism to increase higher energy levels and is best for weight loss! 

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