How To Burn Oily Food Consumed During Ramazan

Now is the time to start working towards losing all that fat gained in Ramazan.

How To Burn Oily Food Consumed During Ramazan
How To Burn The Oily Food Consumed During Ramazan

With just few days left for Ramazan to be over, it is time to look back and reflect at how we spent the holy month.

No we are not talking about the days spent praying and reciting surahs – because that deed is for God to judge – we are talking about all those pakoras and samosas you devoured every day during iftar. And let us not forget the glass of lassis you gulped down along with lachaydar parathas in sehri.

Yes, it is time to reflect on our eating habits.

Many of us gain a considerable amount of weight during Ramazan, only to regret it as soon as it ends. However, this time around you can take matters into your own hand by starting to work towards shedding off all that extra weight early. This would help give you a head start right before Eid holidays.

Here are five exercises you can do to burn off the heavy meal you had:

Jumping Rope

Jumping rope for about 30-minutes burns of at least 372 calories. Doing this four days a week is good enough for you to reach your back-to-fitness goal.


Once again, all you need is 30-minutes of your time every day. According to fitness gurus, bicycling at 14mph burns 372 calories. Imagine the results after a week of bicycling!


Get out at the park and run at 5mph to burn at least 298 calories. This exercise requires no equipment. All you need is a strong commitment and straight pathway.


If you have the privilege of owning a swimming pool at home or a membership at the nearest club, then change into your swimming costume two-hours after iftar and swim for 30 minutes to burn off 223 calories.

Remember whatever exercise you may choose to opt, it is important to at least wait two hours after iftar before starting it.