How To Celebrate Eid In Simplicity This Year

Let’s make Eid simple by staying home and being safe amid the global pandemic.

How To Celebrate Eid In Simplicity This Year
How To Celebrate Eid In Simplicity This Year

This year Eidul Fitr is going to be different for many of us because the world is facing a global pandemic. Amid all the uncertainty and news of increasing cases of coronavirus in Pakistan, celebrating anything let alone Eid seems too much.

Moreover, some of us are also planning on staying home and practicing social distancing, which means we will not be hosting grand dawats or going to the houses of our extended families.

However, this does not mean that all because we cannot go grand, we do not celebrate Eid at all. Here are three simple ways to celebrate the festivities at home with your family:

Host A Zoom Dawat

Yes, you read that right. Zoom has become our go-to platform for every celebrations or meet-ups, be it birthdays or work meetings, so why not host a zoom dawat too.

Call our relatives on zoom, get dressed up and ready for the festivity and host a dawat from the comfort of our homes. Don’t forget to ask your mamuns to transfer that Eidi too!

Decorate The House

Muslims rarely decorate their house when it comes to Eid because they spend time making grand feasts and changing cushion covers instead. But in the absence of guests coming over this year around, let decorate the house a bit to feel the festive mode.

Buy fairy lights and hang them outside the house or perhaps indoors in your favorite comfy corner of the house. And if you want the whole sha-bang then get some candles or diyas and light them up too.

Send Care Packages

All because we cannot meet our loved ones does not mean we do not make them feel loved and cared for.

The lockdown has been eased and delivery services are operating by taking into consideration the necessary precautions. So, let’s send care packages this Eid with greeting cards and sweets, just like old times.

Let us know how you will be celebrating your Eid in simplicity in the comments below.