How To Control Excessive Sweat With Your Diet

A Sweaty Body Can Be A Messy Body

How To Control Excessive Sweat With Your Diet
Sweating Can Be Control With Diet

It is normal to sweat when it is hot outside but excessive sweating can be a problem. This Excessive sweating is called hyperhidrosis which can cause a serious health problem and might require medical attention. Normally, your sweat glands produce perspiration when you have fever, rise in the air pressure or when you are nervous but people who are dealing with hyperhidrosis doesn’t need any condition to sweat. Though, it could require medical support but diet can help a lot.

Maintaining water level

A person suffering from hyperhidrosis needs to maintain water level in the body with the help of fruits and veggies. Here we need to ponder that why not only water? Why fruits and vegetables are to be consumed? It is because cucumber, Melons, strawberries and Lettuce are a source to fill your stomach when you are feeling hungry. In addition, it also maintains the water level in your body with a normal 6 glasses of water in a day.

Dairy products

You need to add some dairy products such as cheese, milk and yoghurt in your diet. These items can increase the fats in your body but fruits and veggies will prevent your system to be effected by the daily dose of dairy products.


At this point we need to introduce our body with mint as it helps in digestion, produces anti-inflammatory substance, kills bacteria, prevent from viral diseases and cure headaches. Boiled water with mint can be consumed. Although, it is not recommended to put some mint leaves and carry the bottle with you to drink it after intervals. Medically, it is not a good practice therefore, boil mint leaves in water and use.

Your body requires time to understand this therapy or routine. Slowly and gradually, you will feel fresh and the issue of excessive sweating will be under control.