How To Have Dewy Skin Before Makeup

A complete guide to have dewy makeup.

How To Have Dewy Skin Before Makeup
How To Have Dewy Skin Before Makeup

People often compliment the skin that looks dewy, fresh and glowing. Hydrated skin looks fabulous from every angle. However, it's a whole process that keeps the skin gleaming after makeup. Currently, it is a beauty trend to have glowing skin complexion that has achieved which looks and feels good in texture with no chance of greasiness. There are certainly some changes that you can do to make your skin look like just out of the shower. You can be a professional by prepping your skin for a youthful gleam with these tricks and hacks. 

A Hack That Changes The Overall Appearance Of The Skin : 

Glow on the skin starts with a proper cleanse. You can apply layers of makeup, but it does not feel right until there is freshness on the skin. A tip to achieve a smooth canvas for makeup is exfoliated skin. Try chemical exfoliation one night before applying the makeup. 

A hack that changes the overall appearance of the skin.

Prime For A Perfect Base :

Just dabbing plain foundation on the skin could never offer the radiance you are aiming for. Start with vitamin-rich serums. It will truly improve the luminosity of the skin. Then apply a primer to smoothen the fine lines and any appearances of unwanted texture on the skin. 

 Prime for a perfect base.

Ditch The Powder-Based Make Up : 

A glowing face is all about mixing cream formulas of makeup. Using cream-based primer with a layer of foundation and switching to liquid highlighter, add the highlight to skin that will catch the light for the glow on high points of your skin. 
Cream-based products look subtle and natural on the face, and you achieve your goal of natural dewy skin too. Adding a blushing pigment gives an uplift of freshness to the skin too.

Ditch the powder-based make up.

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