How To Look Trendy Without Showing Off Your Skin

Pick Your Outfit In A More Sensibly Stylish Way

How To Look Trendy Without Showing Off Your Skin

Pakistan is a country of typical culture and mindset where old customs and traditions are still alive. With the fact that we have also endorsed western culture and now its getting in our blood stream. The scene has to be acknowledged that the way people dress up depends upon certain criteria. Such as, class, occasions, society, range etc. these are the boundaries where people fall in before they think to modify themselves. 

Whereas, class of the individual plays a vital role in setting the trends of the dresses, as we all know that nobody would follow someone who’s impoverished but rather people would follow models and designers no matter what.

Why its that whenever we think of dressing chic the hunch pops up in our mind of wearing something shorter and fitted? I'm speaking normally, since this has become a natural feeling.

The idea of “covering up” does not have more edge to it nowadays.

Encouraging the new and trendy ideas to let the skin be covered and sassy at the same time. 

Enduring Long Dresses For Life:

The classicness which long dresses bring no one does. It actually does justice to your body, forgetting being worried about the shape you got, you still gotta look the posh lady of the party.

Precisely, an elegant lengthy outfit with “heavy kaam wala dupatta” would be an incredible combo.

ayeza khan

Naimal Khawar

Nida Yasir

Desi Girl:

There is no harm in being called a desi girl. In fact after the blockbuster movie “Dostana” Priyanka Chopra has given the word “Desi Girl” an utmost hit and now girls love the identification of it. This particular look requires a jazzy shalwar and kameez, there is a point to be noted that the shalwar kameez must have the punjabi look to spice it up.

Panjabi Kurta Shalwar

Tapsee Pannu

Panjabi shalwar kurta

WoW, What A Saree!

The only old fashioned clothing which can never be old fashioned. Royalty what a saree brings to one's personality nothing can ever would. It is not just the outfit you carry but, it is an art. The art of carrying it well and in the most decent way that gives respect to the royal touch.

white saree


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