How To Make Your Life More Enjoyable: Eat Popcorn With Chopsticks!

Stop With The Unconventional Methods. Spice It Up!

How To Make Your Life More Enjoyable: Eat Popcorn With Chopsticks!

Does it ever happen that you buy something new, and then you look at it, feel it, and use it; imagining it to give you the same pleasure every day until it becomes just something you own? Or does it ever happen that you change the look of your room and till a few days you look around and feel good until it feels like it was always this way?

The same thing happens when we have food. You might overwhelmingly enjoy the first bite of the Chinese food you’re having but till the last bite, do you feel the same way? That is exactly why we should have popcorns with chopsticks, friend! Robert W. Smith and Ed O’Brien conducted a study with half of the participants having popcorn the conventional way and half of them having popcorn with chopsticks. It turned out that the chopstick experience was enjoyed more than the ordinary popcorn eating method! 

popcorn with chopstick

Our minds are built to think that way. We, as humans, need surprises to be able to keep the enjoyment alive. When something is done in a conventional way, it eventually becomes boring and we end up wanting to switch to something else that will keep us engaged. When something seems new, it seems interesting. But when it seems familiar, we want to buy something else that would make us happy; a replacement. This could come at a cost though.. especially when you keep getting bored of your house, or even worse, your relationships!

What I mean to say is, stop with the old conventional methods and add some spice to make things interesting for you. From

If you own a business, make it your marketing strategy to give your customers something new to keep them engaged in the same old service you are offering. Some restaurants use this strategy by providing a darker atmosphere or use creativity in food presentation to make their customers’ experiences enjoyable. 

If you think the “spark” you and your partner once had isn’t present anymore, add some spice to your relationship. Revive the love by keeping the mystery alive. Let your relationship be full of surprises. Do new things together. Go try out something together that you’ve never tasted before! The need to unlock these mysteries helps keep the familiarities away.

If your life has started to feel monotonous, surprise yourself! Go out for a walk one day then go cycling the next day. Take different routes. Drink your tea from a cup one time, then from a glass the next time, and then with biscuits the time after that. Play with your child one weekend, then take a run with them on the next weekend, and then go bowling on the weekend after that. 

Feeling tired of monotonous studying? No problem. Use colored highlighters, sticky notes, and stickers to spice things up. Writing down what you have studied, changing your study environments every time you study, and taking different kinds of breaks in between studies would also help keep you engaged. You’d know best though what would work for you!

Good luck, ya’ll. Keep life spiced up. Have popcorn with chopsticks. 

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