How To Remain Consistent With Commitments And Goals

Keys to consistency with things you signed up for!

How To Remain Consistent With Commitments And Goals

Do you have difficulty sticking to your goals and commitments? Is it that you signed up for something and now you are not feeling as motivated as you were at first? In this article, we will discuss some keys that will help you remain consistent with your goals and commitments.


Create Specific Goals

When you create goals, they should neither be too broad nor too vague. Goals should be specific. For example, if you want to start a teaching career, your list of goals shouldn’t say: “Become a teacher.” Instead, reflect on which kind of teacher you want to be and what level of students you want to teach. Your goal should be: “I am going to be a science teacher of third-grade students.” Or even more specifically: “I am going to apply to these three schools.” And then

Remind Yourself Of The Long Term Benefits

There are times when the level of motivation lessens as time passes and we no longer feel the motivation we were at first when we signed up for something. For example, you signed up for a course because you want to become a speech therapist but now you are losing the motivation you had at first. This is happening because the real reason why you wanted to be a part of this course seems blurred. During times like these, it is wise to remind ourselves of why we signed up for something in the first place. Do I want to become a speech therapist? Yes. For that, is it necessary to complete this course? Yes. We ask ourselves these questions so that the blurs become clear and then we see if our motivation level rises.

Take Things One Step At A Time

Often we lose motivation because we feel overwhelmed by how much we have to do in the future or how much of what we have to do is left. If we take the example mentioned above, why did you sign up for the course in the first place? Do I want to become a speech therapist? Yes. For that, is it necessary to complete this course? Yes. Such questions also help us take things one step at a time. The course is a step that needs to be completed in order for us to move onto the next step, which in this case is becoming a speech therapist. 

Take Things One Day At A Time

Taking things one day at a time is also helpful for people who feel overwhelmed and anxious regarding completing what they signed up for or for those who worry more about the future and have difficulty staying in the present moment. These people want to take control of everything immediately. If this happens to you, taking things one day at a time will help as you will make a list of the things you CAN do today and then make a list of the things that are beyond your control to accomplish today. Accomplish the things that can be done and then leave the rest for when the time comes. Use distraction if you have difficulty taking your mind off things or if you have the urge to accomplish tasks that are beyond your control today. Tell yourself that you have done all the things that could be done today by looking at your list and try to remain in the present moment because you can only do things ONE DAY at a time.

Wishing you consistency in your goals, cheers!


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