How To Style Your Hair This Eid Quarantined At Home

These summer friendly hairstyles are perfect for Eid at home.

How To Style Your Hair This Eid Quarantined At Home
How To Style Your Hair This Eid Quarantined At Home

For most of us, this year Eid will be celebrated in the comfort of our homes. No, this is not because we are hosting dawats in our respective houses but because there is a pandemic outside and the country is under lockdown.

We would rather be safe than sorry and so, choose to stay at home instead.

However, this does not mean we do not get ready for Eid at all. We do have to post that Eid selfie and host Zoom dawats, isn’t it?

So as we gear up for our Eid at home edition and plan our outfits and food items to make, let us also give some thought to what hairstyles we should be adorning.

We have put together four easy and summer-friendly hairdos you can style this Eid:

The Half-up Twist

Giving an illusion of having your hair tied in a braid, the twist is super simple to make and looks classy.

Things you need: Brush and bobby pins.

What to do: Brush your hair and divide them into partings. Take some tresses of about 3-inches thick and twist them inwards all the way to the back. Secure with bobby pins and do the same on the other side.

The Frizzy Beach Waves

This hairstyle does not only look good but also gives volume to your hair.

Things you need: Hair ties and water spray.

What to do: Spray your hair with water. Grab small sections of your hair and braid them. Secure each section with a hair tie.

Leave the hair in sections of multiple braids for about two to three hours, or sleep on it. Remove the hair tie and loosen the braid. If you want you can brush them slightly for the added frizz effect.

The Swirl Bun

The Swirl bun is perfect if you do not want your hair touching your neck in this heat.

Things you need: Brush, hair ties and bobby pins.

What to do: Brush you hair and tie a high pony. Swirl the tresses coming out of the pony and roll it upwards near the crown of your head. Secure with bobby pins.