I Am An Innocent Citizen And FIA Is Harassing Me, Sundal Khattak

Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Launched An Investigation Against Sundal Khattak.

I Am An Innocent Citizen And FIA Is Harassing Me, Sundal Khattak
Sundal Khattak

In January last year, Sundal Khattak had initially filed a petition against the FIA in the Additional Sessions Court, asking the court to stop the Federal Investigation Agency from investigating her.

In a petition filed in January 2020, Sundal Khattak claimed that the FIA was continuing its investigation against her for unknown reasons and that she was being harassed by issuing repeated notices.

Sundal Khattak had told the court last year that the FIA had issued notices to her on October 28 and November 5, 2019, asking her to appear for interrogation, and the agency is still issuing notices to her.

 The model wrote in her application that she was not even told what the investigation's purpose is. At the Sundal Khattak request, no progress had been made for the past year.

However, in a hearing on February 12, Additional Sessions Judge Hamid Hussain ordered Sundal Khattak to appear before the next hearing and record her statement.

At the February 12 hearing, Khattak's lawyers asked the court to stop the FIA from investigating, claiming that Khattak is an innocent citizen of Pakistan but is being harassed by the FIA.

After a brief hearing, the court directed Sundal Khattak to appear on February 17 and record her statement.

It may be recalled that anchor Mubasher Lucman had also filed a theft case against Sundal Khattak and his fellow TikTak star Hareem Shah in 2020, but his case was disposed of by the court in December 2020.

Sundal Khattak and Hareem Shah are known for their videos made with celebrities and politicians, and both are among the most prevalent TikTak stars in the country.

Sundal Khattak

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