'I Do Not Want To Be A Celebrity,' Sohai Ali Abro

Multitalented Star Sohai Ali Abro On Starpower, Films And New Projects

'I Do Not Want To Be A Celebrity,' Sohai Ali Abro
Sohai Ali Abro

Actress Sohai Ali Abro is making waves with her current project 'Prem Gali' which is currently on air. Earlier she amassed great appreciation for her role as an acid victim survivor in the drama 'Surkh Chandni'. Now news is rife that she has signed her next film alongside Farhan Saeed titled 'The Window'. This will be her third big-picture production after 'Moor' and 'Motorcycle Girl' - for the latter she bagged an LSA. With back-to-back hits, critical appreciation, fan love and more, Sohai has proven her mettle as an actor and is considered one of the most talented actresses of her time. Despite tremendous success and acclaim, she has no qualms about her celebrity status and is easy-going despite her fandom.

On Being A 'Celebrity'

"I want the audiences to appreciate my skills as a good actor, I don’t want to box it in as a celeb. People ask me to be more active on social media to build my fandom. But I do not follow that staunchly, I have my acting skills to earn me any honours.”

On films without glamour performing at the box office

"There are so many films without any glamour quotient that are testament to this. Films that had no masala, no glamour and no item numbers, nothing! Yet they performed wonderfully at the box offices and with the masses. Content is king. As long as you are giving something entertaining to the audiences, which justifies the 600 rupees or more they spend on the ticket to watch you perform, you are doing great."

Sohai Ali Abro will be next seen in the film, 'The Window' alongside Faysal Quresi, Sami Khan and Pakistani-American artists Faran Tahir who has also starred in Hollywood productions. 'The Window revolves' around rural life. It recently went on floors and is being shot in a village near Islamabad.

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