I Love To Explore Myself In Different Roles, Says Aijaz Aslam

I believe acting is a never-ending process. Each day on set you learn something new about the craft: says Aijaz Aslam.

I Love To Explore Myself In Different Roles,  Says Aijaz Aslam
Aijaz Aslam

Words are practically redundant when you want to describe Aijaz Aslam. His talent on screen is unquestionable. He is someone with a career so diverse and prolific, that it becomes hard to keep track of the actor's contribution to some of the most amazing work produced by the entertainment industry of Pakistan. Aijaz has given some iconic performances right from his acting debut to Kashkol to Mehndi, Khahish-e-Benaam, Main Aur Tum, Kis Din Mere Viyah Howay Ga, Cheekh, Dolly Darling and Nand, never stopping to experiment and play roles of all kinds. He has not only carved a niche for himself as an actor, model, designer, and producer; but has also established himself as one of the top entrepreneurs of the industry too. That's how Aijaz has crafted his illustrious career spanning around three decades.   

In an exclusive conversation with HNH Style, Aijaz opened up about his success journey, the challenges of being an actor, his choice of doing diverse roles, his fitness mantra, his entrepreneurship, his honest intentions and much more. Read on… 

HNH Style: Has this crossed your mind that you have completed 28 years since you’ve been acting? When you look back, are there any regrets, anything you would have done differently?

Aijaz Aslam (AA): No! I don't have any regrets. If I look back and retrospect I feel happy that I got the opportunity to be part of some meaty projects that wonderfully shaped up my career. It wasn’t easy, but my passion drove me forward. I feel the entertainment industry today has a lot more fruitful opportunities for actors to perform and showcase their talent on different mediums.

HNH Style: Has your stardom surprised you?

(AA): Initially, it was surprising, but with time one gets used to the limelight. I believe one should always be kind & humble.

HNH Style: Did you imagine yourself in your fantasies that you would be an actor?

(AA): No! Not at all. My ambition was to become a fighter pilot.

Aijaz Aslam

HNH Style: Do you feel that you have achieved more than you set out?

(AA): I believe acting is a never-ending process; each day on set you learn something new about the craft that challenges and motivates you to expand your horizons. I love to explore myself in different roles.

HNH Style: What more do you want to achieve in life?

(AA): I want to share my experience with the present and aspiring actors. I want to entertain my fans, encourage them to be optimistic and lead a healthy life. Not just that, I have some exciting plans to launch some unique health products as well.

HNH Style: What makes you a fine actor?

(AA): A good actor enjoys taking up new challenges to re-invent himself. You have to give your hundred percent; sync into the character completely to create magic and most importantly enjoy your work. I believe dedication is the key that makes you a fine actor. 

HNH Style: Is it harder to find scripts that satisfy your soul? How do stay inventive as an actor?

(AA): Yes, choosing the right script is an uphill task. Our dramas today mostly revolve around social & family issues. We have to choose and give our best from whatever we are offered. It’s a good thing as long as I am enjoying doing it (smiles). However, there are many untapped subjects and characters that I look forward to do.

Aijaz Aslam

HNH Style: You’ve worked with PTV in the past. How are things different now? Is the job getting easier or harder?

(AA): The approach at PTV was completely different; we used to have ample rehearsals before going on set. Everyone was well prepared to deliver to the level of perfection. Today, everyone wants more in a short time. The pace of the work is very fast; we don't even get to rehearse the scenes. Actors are paid for their time, so now the focus is on quantity rather than quality. 

HNH Style: How do you look at ratings and the overall TRP game? Do you feel it’s hampering the craft?

(AA): I never really understood the rating game; many times it's lesser on TV and the trending on YouTube is higher. I firmly believe that if a project becomes the talk of the town; then ratings are fair and genuine. But if a project fails to create hype and still manages to dominate the TRP calculators then it surely rings a bell.

aijaz aslam

HNH Style: You’ve been a successful model too. Tell us something about your most memorable shoot. 

(AA): I have done several shoots in my career and enjoyed every bit of it. I was fortunate to get an opportunity to act and model in a video for Ustaad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Sahab. It was helmed by a foreign team; it was one of my best shoots ever. During those days, I was fond of walking the ramp (I still do). I was given titles such as the ‘CATWALK PANTHER’ and many more. So yeah, those were some really fun days.

HNH Style: What is the secret behind your fitness? Would you like to share your daily fitness routine?

(AA): One thing everyone should regularly practice is the right time to eat; get going with some activity and work out at least five days a week. So basically, the secret behind fitness are just three easy steps i.e. (a) eat clean (b) in moderation (c) at the right time.

HNH Style: You recently launched your skincare brand. What makes it stand out from the rest?

(AA): My skincare line ‘Aijaz Aslam Natural & Herbal Skincare Range’ is a very high-quality effective product range. The idea is that people should benefit from my best experiences. Instead of using expensive imported products, I want them to use locally manufactured high-quality products so that they can feel proud and further share them with their family and friends. I further aim to come up with supporting health supplements along with an anti-aging skincare range. As of now, the response has been overwhelming (Alhamdulillah). You may visit my website (www.aijazaslam.com) and order the complete product range.

Aijaz Aslam

HNH Style: With time your romance with Harley seems to get intense. Your comments.

(AA): Harley is my passion, when I ride, my mind, body and soul connect with it. I sense freedom, especially while riding in the mid of the mountains on a vacant road. It’s an experience that can be felt but cannot be summarized in words.

HNH Style: Do you have any piece of advice for the actors of this generation?

(AA): This generation is very smart; they come well prepared, they know what to do and what not to do. I wish them all the best.

HNH Style: On a happier note, tell us about your projects in 2021?

(AA): I have an exciting lineup of projects this year; I can’t reveal much at the moment. All I can say is it’s the beginning of some experimental work in the industry.

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