“I Prayed For A Man Like Mufti Anas For Years” – Sana Khan

Mufti Anas Did Not Ask Wife To Quit Showbiz

“I Prayed For A Man Like Mufti Anas For Years” – Sana Khan
Sana Khan And Sayied Mufti Anas

Entertainer Sana Khan, who wedded Maulana Anas Sayiad a month ago and halted her showbiz career, has spoken about her wedding and what attracted her to her better half. She said that it was anything but a bounce back choice and she has appealed to God for a man like him "for quite a long time".

Sana announced her wedding in a social media post last month. “Loved each other for the sake of Allah. Married each other for the sake of Allah. May Allah keep us united in this Duniya. And reunite us in jannah,” she had captioned a picture with her husband.

When asked if it could be a rebound from her breakup with Melvin Louis earlier this year, Sana said that people can have affairs on rebound but not marriage, adding they share their thought process.

Melvin Louis and Sana khan

Sana said in an interview, “Getting married to Anas wasn’t an overnight decision. I have prayed for years for a man like him in my life. What I liked best about him is that he is innocent and noble. He is not judgmental. He had said this to me, ‘If something falls in the gutter, you cannot clean it even with 10 buckets of water but when you take it out, it can be cleaned with one glass of water”. That had a lasting impact on me.”

Mufti Anas and sana khan

She also opened up about her decision to quit showbiz. She said the glamour and fame blinded her and she could not realize earlier that it was the wrong profession for her. “A lot of people asked why it took me so long to realize that I was in the wrong profession. You do not realize certain things immediately. The glamour and fame may make you blind to real things and you may not be able to take the right decision. Also, in my case, it was a question of livelihood; I was the sole earning member in my family. The lockdown helped me realize that I had to take this step. The work I was doing was not my cup of tea. I am grateful for what the industry has given me, but I realized that I didn’t belong there,” she said. 

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