Iman Ali's Latest Interview Making Noise Over Social Media

The model and actress Iman Ali is under a great criticism after her derogatory remarks.

Iman Ali's Latest Interview Making Noise Over Social Media
Iman Ali

Iman Ali - daughter of veteran actor Abid Ali and an outstanding model who received Lux Style Award for Best actress for her debut film 'Khuda Kay Liye.' She has also proved her mettle in the film 'Bol.' For a short span she appeared on the screen and then got married to Major Aziz Bhatti's grandson and businessman Babar Bhatti back in 2019. 

Iman Ali Received A Backlash From Social Media After Considering Transgender As A Slur

The actress recently appeared in Vasay Chaudry’s show where she talked about the inability to take compliments and stated that, “People tell me I'm good-looking, but when I stand in front of the mirror I feel everyone is lying," as she shared she has been hesitant to take her own pictures as well she added, "I can't even take pictures of myself. Whatever angle I try, I think '’Aye haye, khusra.’’ She used questionable language in her statement and soon got schooled by netizens on social media. 

Iman Ali received a backlash

She was called out for her disrespectful remarks by popular transgender community and the representative as well as trans actor Kami Sid, moreover the anchor Rabia Anum.

Sid strongly condemned the remarks and urges people to stop using transgender as a degrading remark, through Instagram Sid wrote, “It’s okay to be khusra, hijra, khuwaja Sirah because we all are our Allah Creation and how we go against it. And don’t you think being khusra as normal as you live your life as women. I still don’t know why people are using these terminologies are derogatory. For God’s sake we all need to change our perspective and mindset about other community and its sentiments.”

It’s ironic to hear such statement from an actress who worked in “Bol” that highlighted the struggles of transgender community.


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